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Yamaha Bikes and Hero Honda Bikes

Yamaha Bikes and Hero Honda Bikes

Bike riding are the latest craze, mainly among the youth. Riding on the bikes are the symbol of style, freedom and mobility. When you drive the bikes it gives you the different feeling on the roads. Most of the people prefer the two wheelers especially in metro cities due to their small and manageable size, low maintenance and pricing. There are many bike brands available in the market. The two most preferable bike brands in India are Yamaha bikes and Hero Honda bikes.

Yamaha bikes and Hero Honda bikes are the most famous and popular two wheeler bike brands in India. Yamaha bikes are known for its stylish looks where as Hero Honda bikes are recognized by its quality and durability. The two giants face each other in a duel.

The taglines of any brand show the confidence of their product. Hero Honda says Dhak Dhak Go where as Yamaha says Yes! Yamaha. Both brands are using the persuasive strategies to promote their brands like Hero Honda endorsed the super star like Hrithik Roshan and the other four Cricketers like Virender Sehwag, Mohammad Kaif, Yuvraj Singh and Zaheer Khan as its brand ambassadors where as Yamaha has signed the John Abraham as its brand ambassador.

Splendor and Yamaha crux both are the excellent bikes by its performance, engine, looks and features. Splendor is ruling in the hearts of Indian consumers from the last few years. It is the most selling bike brand in India and beats all the selling records. Yamaha Crux is the attractive by looks, gives you the comfortable riding and comes with the cool price tag.

Let’s compare the Splendor and Yamaha crux by its performance, features and price. Splendor is powered by 97.2 cc and Yamaha crux by 106 cc. Both have the similar fuel tank capacity 11 liters and associated with 4 stroke air cooled engine. The length and width of Splendor is 1950 mm and 720 mm where as Yamaha crux has 2000 mm and 735 mm. The total weight carries by the Splendor is 109 kg on the other hand Yamaha crux has 103 kg of weight.

Yamaha crux comes with the price tag of Rs 35, 000 approx whereas Splendor bike price is Rs. 40, 000 onwards. There is not much difference in the cost of both bikes. Let’s enjoy your ride with the bike of your taste and budget.