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Properly Designed Air Nozzles Beat Open-Ended Pipe For Compressed Air Delivery – Part 2

Properly Designed Air Nozzles Beat Open-Ended Pipe For Compressed Air Delivery – Part 2

In the absence of a better solution, open-ended pipe can be used as a means of conveying compressed air to a point of use. In practice, however, air nozzles are a much better answer and eliminate the inherent over-dimensioning and energy waste that occurs with improvised air delivery.

Years of experience and continuous technical innovation means that modern nozzles offer considerable advantages of efficiency and performance over simple open-ended pipes. In particular, the development of multi-channel nozzles gives unprecedented levels of control compared to more primitive methods of compressed air delivery. What’s more, a properly designed compressed air nozzle ensures an optimum blowing force and air pattern for each unique application.

Typical applications for air nozzles

The simple elegance of their engineering makes air nozzles ideal for uses in applications including the following:

  • Cooling
  • Drying
  • Cleaning
  • Materials transport
  • Sorting

Whatever the application, a thorough understanding of the requirement is needed. Then precise design and technical dimensioning can reduce turbulence, minimise energy consumption and ensure the safest possible working environment.

Advantages over open-ended pipe

The advantages of a modern multi-channel nozzle include the following:

  • A controlled air stream works more efficiently.
  • Sound levels with air nozzles are up to 50% lower than for open-ended pipe.
  • Low air consumption reduces costs.
  • Greater ‘blowing effect’ over a longer reach.
  • Suitability for use with accessories such as extension pipes and manifolds.
  • Different designs (such as round air jet nozzles or air induction nozzles) increase the range of applications that nozzles can address.

As well as the practical benefits of solutions that are properly tailored to industrial needs, the cost of compressed air should be a major consideration for any business. Compressed air is often perceived as inexpensive or even free. In fact, it’s one of the most costly sources of energy. Anything that helps operators reduce this cost should be of interest.