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What’s the Number 14 Reason You Can’t Find Love?

What’s the Number 14 Reason You Can’t Find Love?

We are up to number 14. This one will disturb many of you. The number 14 reason you can’t find love is because you are looking for unconditional love. Number 14 is such a myth that I want to kill it today. There is no such thing as unconditional love.

When people say they offer unconditional love, they are being dishonest. Either they don’t know they are dishonest because they just repeat what they heard. Or they are blatantly lying to your face.

Let’s explore why. First, the condition people have is you must be a human being. That is a condition. Most of you will say of course. However, it is a condition. That kills the idea of unconditional love.

Let’s move on. Second, if you are heterosexual, they person must be of the opposite sex. That is another condition. As you see, unconditional love is dying on the operating table.

Third, you must find something attractive about them. It could be face, body, intellect, income, the way they dress, so-called personality, I can go on. You get the point.

Fourth, they must treat you well.

Fifth, they need to have things in common with you.

Sixth, that elusive chemistry so many of your crave. You leave when the chemistry leaves.

When any of these things are stopped by a person that interests you, you will suddenly fall out of love. If a rich man goes broke, you’re out. If a sexy woman gains or loses too much weight, you are turned off. And love dries up.

You have so many conditions that I’m just scratching the surface. For those of you who are punctilious, you know, the nick picky people, you have so many conditions you can drown a fish.

Perhaps it’s time to stop lying to yourself and others. Be honest about your conditions up front. Otherwise, your significant other will be shocked when your so-called unconditional love dries up.

By the way, the closest I’ve ever heard of unconditional love was from Nikola Tesla. He writes about a love affair he had with a pigeon. He said the felt as though the pigeon needed him as much as he needed the pigeon. Tesla was in love with a pigeon.

Well, that’s it for today. I must fly away. I’ll be back with number 15. Don’t miss it.