Tesla Model Y review: This is the Tesla you’ll want to buy

Tesla Model Y: Specs

Release date: Available Now
Price: From $62,990; as tested
Power: Dual Motor AWD
Horsepower: 480hp
Battery Range: Up to 330 miles (EPA)
Charging speed: up to 250kW
Top Speed: 155mph
0-60: 3.5 seconds
Smarts: Autopilot, Optional FSD upgrade, Tesla premium connectivity

When Elon Musk revealed the Model Y back in 2019, he claimed that not only would it likely become the best-selling Tesla ever, but he expected it to out-sell all other models combined. That may not have happened just yet, but as anyone who lives in a major U.S. or European city can already attest, Tesla’s compact SUV is incredibly popular.

As a quick recap, the Model Y is broadly to the Tesla Model 3 what the Model X is to the Model S – minus the X’s dramatic falcon-wing doors. Being an all-electric crossover with compact SUV dimensions, the Model Y strikes at the heart of the 2022 auto industry zeitgeist like a SpaceX rocket nailing the landing. It is, on paper at least, exactly what many millions of motorists are clamoring for.