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Nico Rosberg Meets Mercedes EQXX in Monaco, Is Not Allowed To Drive It

Nico Rosberg Meets Mercedes EQXX in Monaco, Is Not Allowed To Drive It

Nico Rosberg posted a video on his YouTube channel with the caption “Driving the New Mercedes EQXX in Monaco.” But he was not basically authorized to travel it. How appear?

The Mercedes EQXX is the 1,000-kilometer (621-mile) array auto. It is the world’s most successful motor vehicle, staying able to protect the length from Paris to Berlin or from New York to Cincinnati on a one charge. A 100-kWh battery with a 50% less quantity and 30% lighter than the battery pack of the EQS sedan carry along these kinds of spectacular figures. A 117-cell photo voltaic panel on the roof adds up to 25 kilometers (15.5 miles) of selection.

For this sort of performance, Mercedes mounted a solitary electric motor on the EQXX, providing it with 201 PS (198 HP). It does not seriously sound like a beast on the road, but that is not what it is about. So it arrived as a shock for Nico Rosberg when he uncovered out that he are not able to generate the automobile.

He started on the erroneous foot anyway. He experienced no thought it was a Mercedes function and showed up in his Audi e-tron. Gorden Wagener, Chief Design and style Officer, ought to have disliked it.

“Everything is just epic,” he concluded, just after a walkaround that showed the smooth silhouette of the strategy vehicle. It sports a document-breaking Cd worth of only .17.

“Let’s consider it for a spin,” previous F1 winner claims opening the driver’s door. “Sorry, Nico, probably we did not convey to you, but you are not permitted to push by by yourself. You are not capable,” an engineer explains. It’s not that the swiftest guy in the planet again in 2016, when he defeated Lewis Hamilton in Components 1, is not great sufficient. But he doesn’t have an R&D license, which would allow for him to travel a auto nevertheless in enhancement. So he moves to the entrance passenger’s seat and movies the entire way.

Nico could not travel the EQXX, but he will obtain consolation in driving his Mercedes-AMG 1. He is a single of the 275 blessed homeowners of the hypercar.

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