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TVR, The Dodo of Supercars, Claims To Be Going Fully Electric… AHEM!

TVR, The Dodo of Supercars, Claims To Be Going Fully Electric… AHEM!

By Chris Ward, April 28, 2022

You know the other working day we listed here at DCBHQ ended up pondering, the latter remaining a quite tricky course of action for all of us, we had been contemplating where is TVR? Where is the TVR V8-driven Griffith that was promised again in 2019? TVR has been below new possession because 2014. Not extensive just after operate commenced on a Gordon Murray created Griffith, this was meant to be a V8-driven resurrection of the TVR model.

A doing the job prototype was developed, purchaser deposits have been taken, creation deadlines were missed. The all-new Griffith was meant to be completely ready for 2018.  TVR acquired a new manufacturing facility in Wales. Nevertheless, TVR afterwards spelled out that the Wales production internet site would require extensive redevelopment to be suit for goal which intended a even further 18-thirty day period hold off.

In addition, TVR’s manufacturing facility is in excess of 200,000 square feet, it is enormous overkill for a enterprise that aims to offer 500 models in its initially yr of reside output. As an instance, in 2021 Lotus Cars finished a new assembly facility totaling 129,000 sq. ft. And Lotus basically helps make vehicles. TVR does not make any perception on any degree.

Each time TVR make an announcement the automotive push offers them comprehensive uncritical accessibility. TVR is going to introduce a absolutely electric powered powertrain, states sleek-chatting Chairman Les Edgar. Edgar has not declared any partnership with any electrical vehicle part supplier. We just acquire his term for it even with not delivering on any milestones.

Autocar did rcently report TVR experienced signed a joint enterprise with Ensorcia Metals, an American mining business extracting rare earth components, like Lithium. So TVR has bought a source of batteries for the TVR Griffith EV. But in which are they sourcing the components from, the electrical motors? What is the vary going to be?

Will the TVR EV offer supercharging? How strong will the TVR be? We really don’t know simply because information have not been revealed. TVR has exposed that they will be sponsoring 3 Components E race occasions in 2022. System E is the fully electric powered variation of Formulation A person. Why are they throwing away revenue on sponsorship when they must be concentrated on producing?

The sponsorship of Components E is, presumably, to elevate TVR’s brand awareness. How do you raise the awareness of a merchandise that is persistently delayed and doesn’t exist? Who is undertaking the advertising about at TVR? Papa Bear?

If the TVR Dodo ever arrives to pass we will take in our hats, pay back our lease on time and give again the Covid federal government financial loans on time and with desire. But that will under no circumstances happen mainly because the TVR Dodo is dead and its corpse is currently being propped up by nothing at all far more than goodwill.

TVR, The Dodo of Supercars, Claims To Be Going Fully Electric… AHEM!