Chevrolet Silverado ZL1 Imagined As Widebody Muscle Bound Moron

By Dave Sorrendino, June 29, 2022

Is this Chevrolet Silverado ZL1 a Yankee Doodle or Yankee Doodle do Roids? On initially impressions, it appears to be more muscle mass-bound moron tanked up on an unlawful supply of steroids obtained at the regional gym that’s what. The usa, when the land of Apple Pie and unlawful profession of indigenous tribal land, is now a land of Pickup Truck house owners. Usually these Pickup vans are pushed by gentlemen who recurrent Fitness centers exactly where they pump more steroids than time spent performing out.

You can determine the steroid abusers, they aimlessly meander about the regional gymnasium undertaking almost nothing other than acquiring a relaxed chat with fellow steroid abusers. They will commit no much more than 10 minutes pumping iron whereupon the complete Health and fitness center echoes with the audio of “HUUUHHHGHHHhhh!”  Soon after, they invest the relaxation of their session chatting absent until finally its time to pump yet a lot more steroid juice and right away thereafter drive dwelling.

To celebrate this lifestyle @Jlord8 made a decision to place pen to Wacom tablet and picture what sort of auto a steroid-pumping Yankee Doodle Gymnasium junkie would generate. The end result is a muscle motor vehicle pickup, an oxymoron of types, but not as moronic as people oversized, muscle mass-certain steroid-pumping morons.

The strategy rendering displays a widened and lowered Silverado ZL1, with its suggest-wanting double-stacked grille and flared facet skirts. As with the inventory ZL1, this illustration is presumably driven by the inventory 650bhp supercharged V8. But it is all imaginary… or is it?

Chevrolet Silverado ZL1 Imagined As Widebody Muscle Bound Moron