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Why are New Drivers Choosing Automatic Over Manual Vehicles?

Why are New Drivers Choosing Automatic Over Manual Vehicles?

Learning to drive is a rite of passage that many people go through, and this is because it can improve your life in so many ways. Being able to drive makes you a lot more independent, life can become a lot easier, and you can even improve your employment opportunities. These days, it seems that people are learning to drive in automatic transmission cars as opposed to manual, and this post will expire why this might be.

A Rise in Automatic Learners

Temporary car insurance providers Dayinsure recently conducted research that found that there was a staggering rise of 123% of UK drivers taking their test in an automatic car. This means that 29% of motorists are learning in an automatic. It is clear that more and more people are learning about automatics and this is understandable when you consider that electric cars do not use a manual transmission, so many do not see the point in learning to drive in a manual transmission vehicle. Additionally, there are a handful of benefits to learning in an automatic, with the stigma no longer an issue.


So, what are the main benefits of learning in an automatic? The most obvious benefit is that it is a lot easier to drive than a manual transmission car. You do not need to think about changing gears when driving an automatic, which allows you to focus on steering and the road ahead. Learning to drive a manual can feel overwhelming at first as there is so much to think about, so it is understandable that many prefer the easier option of an automatic car.

Automatic Transmission Automatic Driving Lessons

Another reason to learn in an automatic car is that you do not have to worry about constantly shifting in traffic or worrying about starting from a dead stop on a steep incline.


While there are benefits to learning to drive in an automatic, and it is a great option for many, you will find that there are drawbacks. The main drawback is that passing a test in an automatic means that you are only licensed to drive this type of car, so you will not be allowed to drive a manual car, and this does limit your options. In addition to this, manual cars tend to offer better fuel efficiency, so you could also end up paying more at the pump if you opt for an automatic. It is interesting to see that so many people are learning to drive in an automatic these days and how the stigma around this is fading. Learning to drive in an automatic can make learning to drive a lot easier and there are a handful of advantages, plus this will become the norm over time with electric cars on the rise.