Top 10 Things You Need To Know When Moving Collectors or High-End Cars

Top 10 Things You Need To Know When Moving Collectors or High-End CarsClassic, vintage, High-end cars and antiques are some of the most expensive cars automobile lovers spend their money on frequently. Moving these cars from the point of the auction to your garage might seem like a big task, but with the right guidance, it isn’t.

The first thing you need to know about moving classic cars is that it is better to ship them via a carrier than drive it all the way. This is the rational choice as it lowers the risk of depreciation or accident while reducing driving expenses like gas, food, and lodging.

So to save yourself energy and time, you need to ship your priced collectors or high-end car. This article presents 10 tips every classic car owner should know when moving their cars. First, let’s find the best mode of transporting these vehicles.

What is the Best Mode of Transportation?

Every car faces some degree of exposure-linked risk when owners use auto transport to ship them, and with classic cars, the risk is more pronounced because of their rarity. These risks are even more worrying when open-bed auto carriers are an option/choice.

So what is the best mode of transporting a high-end car? Enclosed shipping offered by some of the best enclosed car shipping companies is your best chance at smooth and stressless shipping over a long distance.

While it is a little more expensive than the open mode of classic car auto transport, it is very protective and secure. Enclosed carriers shield your classic car from the elements, debris, and other bad environmental factors. So as you use an enclosed car shipping company, below are 10 tips:

#1. Contact Experienced Auto Brokers Only

One of the best tips when shipping your collectible is to contact only experienced auto brokers. These auto brokers are middlemen that quicken your search for a reliable and reputable auto transport company.

While most people decide to cut corners to save funds by not using auto brokers who know more about the industry, they sometimes end up with unreliable and fraudulent companies. An auto broker’s service offers several trustworthy quotes that fit your budget and schedule.

#2. Know Your Auto Transport Company

High-end cars are not only prized possessions but also expensive, and owners sometimes attach sentimental values to them. So it might be difficult to find a company worth entrusting your vehicle to.

This is why it is important to know the company you choose. Enquire about their equipment, years of experience, knowledge, and drivers, and check out their website for reviews and loopholes.

#3. Get Proper Insurance Coverage

High-end cars Getting coverage against damages and risks is important. As you choose a carrier to move your high-end car, check and confirm their cargo coverage, liability, and deductibles. This is important because your personal auto insurance might not cover damages incurred during transit with a carrier.

Carriers typically have coverage in a certain range for classic cars; however, if you don’t consider it adequate, try getting more coverage. It helps if your car is protected for up to its replacement cost. And in case of claiming future damages, take pictures before and after shipping.

#4. Prepare and Clean Your Car For Moving

If you’ve got a carrier and proper insurance, what you need to do before moving your vehicle is prepare it for shipping. Cleaning its interiors and exteriors is one of the ways to prepare your car and closely inspect it in case of damage.

You can give instructions to your carrier or the driver that comes to pick it up if your car has special operating instructions for when they load or unload it. Also, remove all personal effects and valuables inside the car and leave the tank half empty at max and battery charged.

#5. Don’t Be Led By Price Alone

While it is an important piece of the auto shipping puzzle, try not to base all your decisions on price alone. Always consider the quality of service over the quantity of price. There are cheap options in the industry, but some can leave a bad taste.

Pricing, more often than not, reflects the quality of the car shipping services, the experience, their equipment, and the level of experience. And if you’re using a door-to-door or enclosed carrier, know that it will cost more than open carriers and terminal-to-terminal service, but it will be safer.

#6. Inspect Your Car Before and After the Pick-up Day

You need to inspect your high-end cars and take pictures of the interior and exterior when you want to ship them. A thorough inspection allows you to know the state of the car, note, and document changes made by damages when you go to pick it up. This is important when you need to claim damages.

#7. Make Extensive Enquiries

Speak with your auto transport company and exhaust whatever questions or confusions you may have concerning shipping your collectors or high-end car. Make sure you do this before booking your transporter.

You should prioritize factors like the pick-up and drop-off process and locations and how they align with your schedule and timeline. If you can, get the contact of the driver of the enclosed carrier or any official means of tracking your car’s shipping movement.

#8. Documents

Documentation and documents are vital when moving your collectors or high-end cars through an auto transport service. A Bill of Lading is one of the documents you need, especially when tracking potential damages.

You also need to have documents that prove your car ownership and provide proof of insurance coverage if you are moving across state lines.

#9. State Your Needs About Scheduling

When you ship your high-end vehicle, some of the best enclosed auto transport companies need a specific time window to schedule a pickup and delivery.

This window is usually between 5 to 7 days or more, depending on the carrier, traffic, weather, and your schedule. What’s more, if you need to move your car in time for timed events like birthdays or holidays, state and emphasize it beforehand so, they meet the dates.

#10. Stay Available During and After Moving Your Car

Drivers will typically notify you with relevant updates during shipping. This is why you need to remain available and accessible at all times. And if you have any questions or additional inquiries, you can call the driver.


Moving collectors and high-end cars are very different from moving ordinary cars because of the rules and conditions involved in preserving the car. This is why you need to source auto transport companies with the experience, quality, and prompt service to move your car via an enclosed carrier. So take your time and use quotes to get the best choice.