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Time Management – Arranging and Group

Time Management – Arranging and Group


Prosperity and Time are like Siamese twins. They go with each other, inseparably. In advocating his thirteen everyday virtues, Benjamin Franklin after said: “The way of wealth, if you wish it, is as plain as the way to market. It is dependent mainly on two words: sector and frugality. That is, waste neither time nor cash, but make the ideal use of both equally”.

Sad to say, all men are guilty of time wastage to several levels.

You are familiar, I suppose, with the generally recurring prayer of confession: “We have left undone individuals points which we ought to have finished and have performed all those factors which we ought not to have carried out”. What is the genuine predicament folks encounter? It is not shortage of time. It is dilemma of priorities.

The time- examined instruments and strategies you would discover in this paper are an compulsory setting up issue for optimized time-administration. Even so, they will stay idle resources and unprofitable until you utilize them, and this is dependent on your:

(i) Diploma of enthusiasm to take care of your time

(ii) Ability to reconsider your attitudes, and

(iii) The will to adjust intentionally, little by little and forever.

Proportions AND Traits OF TIME

Proportions of Time

– Past Time: This is irrecoverable.
– Current Time: Offered for administration or harnessing.
– Future Time: This can be planned for powerful use.

Properties of Time

– Time is transitive. Dropped time is eternally irrecoverable.

– Time abhors vacuum. An unplanned time is instantly occupied by a little something flimsy and unprofitable.

– Time is an equalizer. All people today of all races and standing have equal amount of time per day. The real variation between people will come from the use to which they set their possess God-offered time.

– Time is a scarce useful resource, a fluid asset. The circulation of it can neither be slowed down nor stopped. It is available no matter if or not one requests for it and passes whether a person is aware of it or not. It will have to hence be monitored, planned, invested and not spent.

– The movement of time frequently comes with alternatives. Watchfulness is needed to discover and used the options embedded in time. As the popular parlance goes:”possibility knocks but once”.

WHY Manage TIME?

As with quite a few points that are “free of charge presents of mother nature”, the believed of controlling time never appeals to the uninformed. Time is supposedly plentiful. If time passes, yet another would appear. Why then should we take care of time?

The following are the major motives why every person have to regulate time.

1. Person is manufactured and timed. The human getting is programmed to previous for a time. In addition, many functions of lifetime are time-sure. Selected functions are far more suitable at selected phases of life. “Make hay when the sunshine shines”

2. There is the time benefit of man. A person’s existence acquires value more than time, and this is dependent on how he/she utilizes his/her time and accompanying prospects. Destiny is tied to time. What you fail to use rots away.

3. From no (1) higher than, time is actually not abundant. There are only 24 hrs (or 1440minutes.) in a day, yet duty and pursuits of everyday living enhance as a single stage of lifetime presents way to an additional. The the best possible allocation of this minimal time among family members, friends, fun (which include rest) and business is the goal of time administration.

4. Your have allocation of the scarce time among the a variety of requires of lifetime basically exhibits your value system.

5. The full universe operates below the legislation of timing and seasons. A time to sow and a time to reap. A time to be born and a time to die. A time to do the job for income and a time for dollars to function for you.

6. It is God’s desire for guy to control his time. Time will come in countless movement from eternity to eternity, and God sees it all at the moment. The breaking down of eternity into times is God’s way of encouraging us to manage time. Every single working day is a new opportunity to handle far better.

7. Time management assures relaxation. Nevertheless, no relaxation is worthwhile except if relaxation that is acquired.


1 Misplaced priorities

2 Procrastination

3 Absence of concentration owing to nervousness

4 Anger and unforgiveness

5 Telephone phone calls

6 Unoccupied colleagues

7 Mediocre or Inexperienced subordinates

8 Perfectionism

9 Queues and Targeted visitors jams

10 Inability to say “No”

11 Unstructured conferences

12 Disorganized surroundings

13 Failure to delegate

TIME Administration Equipment/Strategies

A. Present time

1 Insulation – adoption of procedures to insulate the supervisor from attending to irrelevances. An assistant or secretary screens and re-directs letters, calls and site visitors. Grouping actions to some desired time. Separating your social activities from your official ones. This process is really complicated the place a boss is there to pass things to you at will which you should cope with in addition to your everyday plan.

2 Isolation – actual physical withdrawal to eradicate disturbance

3 Delegation

4 Simplification – simplifying function procedures. Filling cupboards, Calculators, computer system programmes, possessing a area for every item.

5 Prioritizing – Apply TIE. (Time require, Great importance of activity/activity, Exertion essential to complete the endeavor.

6 Conferences really should have structured agenda.

B. Long run Time

1. Diaries

2. Desk and Wall calendar

3. Pcs

4. “Matter to Do Now” Pads.

5. Table Trays – In tray and out tray

Typical Tips ON TIME Administration

1. Established life’s plans as plainly/ specially as probable with deadlines. This retains a single centered and strengthens one’s take care of to resist distractions.

2. Concentration on the important few actions that make the major contribution to your targets. The Pareto Principle states that, commonly, 80% of what individuals do add only 20% to their life’s target(s) 80% of life’s aims are attained via 20% of our actions. Issue your “Items to do these days” list to this rule of the vital number of versus the trivial lots of.

3. Delegate – Delegation gives time leverage. Delegate the 80% very low shell out-off activities. Delegation frees a person and his time to concentration on the essential 20% functions. Demand accountability on delegated jobs. The more time the evaluate intervals, the further from keep track of your project can drift ahead of corrective action is taken.

4. If you have no one to delegate to, timetable the 20% vital pursuits to your peak, effective time when your electricity is superior. The trivial 80% can appear up later on for the duration of reduced power time.

5. Do it NOW. Do not wait around until eventually all points are fantastic. Perfectionism is a key time waster. Some men and women expend a large amount of time organizing, aiming and aiming without the need of capturing. Worry of failure is an additional time waster. Be geared up to fail your way to accomplishment, if essential.

6. Plan your operate the day (or night) ahead of. Have a psychological image of the upcoming sought after condition and system toward it. Investigation has proven that rehearsal of your prepare right before true effectiveness increases target attainment. A working day unplanned leaves 1 open to the likelihood of currently being carried absent with other people’s options or get carried absent with the mass of humanity who have no goals, no ideas, no future. 7. Master to say “No,” to folks and situations specifically people time wasters. Observe insulation or isolation from time to time to help you concentration on vital concerns of your lifetime, else you will in good shape into other people’s programs or their planlessness.

8. Deal with paper only the moment. Possibly attend to its calls for, delegate it, file it or toss it away.

9. Totally free your self from the bug of past failures and the drag of tomorrow’s anxieties. These are the greatest burglars of energy and time.

10. Master to proact your respond.

11. Observe layering: Working with your waiting time productively. For occasion, you can listen to excellent messages on discs though driving, or reading through although becoming driven in a automobile or driving on a bus.

12. Do a 4-quadrant take a look at day-to-day or weekly. Choose a blank piece of paper and divide it into four quadrants. Produce down each individual exercise you engaged in all through the period of time under evaluation. In Quadrant I: Listing all regime routines. Quadrant II: All that occurred unexpectedly. Quadrant III: Issues that other people delegated to you. Quadrant IV: Actions aimed at reaching your aims. What do you locate? You may possibly come across that program matters, emergencies, other people’s agenda consider up most of your time, leaving none for your desire. This work out, completed regularly, will train your thoughts make sure that a each day owing focus is paid to troubles or tasks that relate to your life’s goal(s).

13. Balance your life. Absence of equilibrium qualified prospects to friction and a retardation of velocity, as is the case with mechanical factors. The pursuing methods of your life will need to be formulated concurrently if you must achieve a balanced lifestyle: your mind, physique, staying and interactions.

Your brain: This is the most highly effective laptop. Most individuals only use a small proportion of their possible. Take time to establish your brain (head) you would be astonished what you can complete for every device of time.

Your system: Fearfully and wonderfully produced. It is produced to final. By getting superior care of it and enterprise some workout, you could be much more productive, and make it very last for a longer time.

Your getting: This is your spirit/soul. This is your essence, your getting or spirit facet. A well formulated spiritual element is the only warranty of a suitable point of view of daily life in the confront of each day pressures. With perspective, you can be a lot more grounded, far more tranquil, a lot more at peace since of divine partnership.

People/Relationships: What is everyday living devoid of men and women? But not all men and women can lead (meaningfully) to your life’s ambitions. The very same strategy to managing a portfolio of assets may well be utilized in cultivating a “portfolio” of human associations. Some need to have strengthening, other people will need to be discontinued. Some persons want enable.

IN – TRAY Exercise ON Choice Producing

Precedence AND TIME Administration (PLS RANK 1-10)

A. It is 10 am on Wednesday, just two hours to the prolonged anticipated assessment in a single of your main topics. You hope a obligatory problem from 1 of two seemingly difficult subject areas. It will take a person hour to do a comprehensive revision.

B. There is a simply call from the porter’s lodge. Anyone is waiting around to provide an “urgent information” from your mom.

C. Your GSM cellular phone is ringing

D. Your bosom mate and program mate described unwell to campus this early morning and is receiving remedy in the clinic. You will need to visit the clinic to decide his exercise to publish the pending evaluation. Approximated time – 20 minutes.

E. Your childhood pal and former college mate has just walked into your home unannounced to advise you of his/her wedding to which he/she is inviting you as very best person/chief bridesmaid. He/she desires to explore other “challenges of mutual fascination”.

F. Your home mate traveled to Kano 4 days ago and was predicted back yesterday. He/She has not returned neither have you been in a position to create speak to on cellular phone. You wonder why. There is want to urgently build call.

G. As president of the College student Union Govt, you drive to see the Vice Chancellor to temporary him on sure rumblings amid the pupils. You have just been educated that the V.C may well quickly be on his way to Abuja for a meeting with NUC officers.

H. A mail person has just walked in with a letter marked “Private”. You detect a NANS stamp on the envelop. You guess it is in connection with a proposed strike by learners nationwide for which a 21-working day ultimatum was served on Authorities. The ultimatum finished yesterday.

I. Nowadays is ultimate working day for submission of memoranda on the proposed adjustment of the academic calendar of the College. The College student Union place is on your table for remaining vetting and signature. The Secretary Normal is waiting around to get it for submission. Vetting and signature would take 15 minutes.

J. You understand the odour of an electrical hearth in your place.

By Emmanuel Nwachukwu