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The Hidden Dangers of DIY Hail Damage Repair: Why Professional Help is Essential

The Hidden Dangers of DIY Hail Damage Repair: Why Professional Help is Essential

Ignoring hail damage has major, undetectable repercussions that jeopardize your car’s safety, longevity, and value. Seeking professional repair experts is the best way to address any hail damage and help strengthen your vehicle against future storms. Many attempt DIY auto hail damage repair using online instructions to remove dents with a heat gun.

The Hidden Dangers of DIY Hail Damage Repair: Why Professional Help is Essential

Damaged Panels

Many people attempt DIY car hail damage repair to save money. While it is true that DIY methods can help to reduce the appearance of some dents, they can also cause additional damage to the vehicle, leading to more expensive bodywork in the future. Additionally, DIY repairs can lead to a decrease in the resale value of your car. Most DIY methods for removing hail damage involve using a heat gun or other tools that can cause serious harm to your paint. These tools can cause the paint to peel or crack, exposing the metal underneath to rust and corrosion. A few techniques are used to remove hail dents from a vehicle, including paintless dent repair (PDR). This technique involves massaging the damaged area from behind the panel and gradually restoring it to its original shape without needing body filling and repainting. Other methods include glue pulling and suction cup pullers.

Safety Hazards

Many assume they can fix minor hail damage by applying a kit purchased from auto supply stores. However, this DIY method can be dangerous and leave your car looking worse than before. It can also void your roof warranty. Having your vehicle professionally repaired after a hail storm is important because it can cause leaking and interior water damage. If the damage is not fixed, it can lead to expensive repairs in the future. While some car owners may overlook hail damage as cosmetic blemishes, it can seriously affect the automobile’s value and even pose safety hazards if the dents affect crucial components like the windshield or side mirrors. A professional hail damage repair Denver CO auto body shop will offer multiple repair options, including paintless dent repair and filler/glazing, to address all hail damage. They will also help you get the best resale value for your car by ensuring the repair is done correctly.

Deterioration of the Paint

A common mistake many people make is using a DIY method that involves applying heat and painting over the dented areas of their car. This is a terrible idea for the long term as it exposes the metal to the elements and chemical reactions that cause rust to form. Leaving the rust to develop is unsightly and can compromise the integrity of the vehicle’s body. This can lead to a hole in the body or other structural issues that will be costly to repair. Finding a reputable auto hail repair shop and reading reviews and recommendations before deciding is important. You want a technician with experience, a good reputation, and transparency in the repair process. This will ensure you get the best possible result for your repair and save yourself a lot of hassle in the long run.

Decreased Resale Value

If you’re planning on selling your car in the future, repairing hail damage is an investment worth making. Unrepaired hail damage can lead to a lower offer at the dealership or from a used-car retailer, and the unsightly dents can make your car look less attractive. Many online tutorials tout DIY methods to repair hail damage, including everything from dry ice to hair dryers. These tactics may seem harmless, but they often don’t work and can even lead to more damage if you try them on modern aluminum body panels. Even the mildest of storms can cause cosmetic damages that decrease resale value. If left untreated for a long period, these small dents and scratches can worsen and become harder to fix or even turn into permanent damage. This can reduce the value of your vehicle and even lead to rust. You’ll be better off having your car repaired by a professional auto body shop.