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Tesla adds cameras to non-Tesla Supercharger pilot station in Norway to monitor third-party EVs [Update]

Tesla adds cameras to non-Tesla Supercharger pilot station in Norway to monitor third-party EVs [Update]
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Credit rating: albil24.no

Tesla has opened up their Supercharger community to entrepreneurs of other electric powered motor vehicles (EVs) in a number of European countries, which include Norway, the worldwide leader when it will come to EV adoption.

To support improve the experience of all those EV homeowners and other individuals in the long run, Tesla has installed a amount of online video cameras at at minimum a person of the Supercharger stations included in the pilot system in Norway.

According to a image of a observe posted at the Supercharger station shared on the Tesla Owners Club of Norway Facebook group (by means of @ottoKristoffers), Tesla suggests the cameras have been mounted “to better have an understanding of the needs of drivers of non-Tesla motor vehicles when charging.”

The detect goes on to say that the footage will be made use of to aid “inform Tesla if there are any parts that could be enhanced.”

UPDATE 1:39pm PST: Right here are some pictures of the actual cameras installed at the Supercharger station, courtesy of Linn Magnussen.

When Tesla 1st launched the pilot plan, there was a fair amount of criticism and worry that it would guide to a bad practical experience for existing entrepreneurs.

Not only are quite a few other EVs are not equipped to take benefit of the Superchargers speeds, but there is no standardization in between automakers when it will come to the placement of the cost port.

This led to owners coming up with some exclusive parking angles to be capable to plug in to a Supercharger.

Then there was also the scenario the place a non-Tesla EV could take up two Superchargers by parking in 1 location.

This is not as evident to location, but in the pictures underneath a Tesla would be parked to the remaining of the Supercharger pedestal. By the Audi parking to the proper, it has now occupied each pedestals to the still left and ideal of it, even though it is only plugged in to one of them.