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Show Us Your AE86s! – Speedhunters

Show Us Your AE86s! – Speedhunters

August 6 (8/6) is a exclusive working day for Toyota AE86 owners. What started as a uniquely Japanese event is now genuinely world wide, and on this working day – 86 Day – owners celebrate their adore of Toyota’s ’80s rear-wheel travel icon.

It is been a even though since we’ve showcased any readers rides on Speedhunters, so what much better time to provide that again than with a distinctive 86 Day post featuring your cars.

Show Us Your AE86s! – Speedhunters
AE86 002

If you own a Hachiroku – whether or not it is a inventory street vehicle, a race, rally, drag or drift car, a venture that is underneath construction or a little something else, we want to listen to from you. Deliver us some photographs and quick rundown on your vehicle, and Chaydon, one particular of our resident AE86 proprietors, will do his most effective to contain it in our 86 Day 2022 viewers rides submit.

There are some requirements though. Just about every impression requires to be:

– Shot landscape/horizontal 

– Sized 1280px x 1920px (or greater)

– Saved as a high quality JPEG file

– Not be watermarked

– There is a maximum of 5 photos for every submission

– If you did not get the image/s, you need to have to have authorization from the photographer/s to share them on Speedhunters

Include your full identify and permit us the place in the planet you stay. If you are on Instagram and would like us to publish your username, please include that also.

Electronic mail all of this to: [email protected] with the subject matter title: 86 Working day 2022.

Submissions have to have to be been given no later on than 12:00pm GMT / 4:00am PST Thursday 4 August.

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