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How to Restart a Palm Pilot That Won’t Turn On

How to Restart a Palm Pilot That Won’t Turn On

At times a Palm Pilot will not turn on. It might appear to be dead, but in most cases it is not. There are a few simple tricks to reviving the Palm Pilot so that you can continue to use it.

The first is to do the needle trick. Palm Pilots were designed with a reset button on the device. They made it hard to hit on accident so you will need a needle or a pin in order to hit the button. One some models you can unscrew the stylus which will have thin plastic device that will fit into the slot. Push the button firmly for a few seconds and the device, assuming it has a charge in the battery, will turn back on. At times the device resets itself while other times it does not. There is data loss at times because the Palm Pilot crashed which was the cause of the problem.

At times you are simply working with a dead battery. Let it charge for at least half a day and try turning it on again. At times the battery itself became too hot or too cold and won’t function properly. After being indoors at a normal temperature for a few days has revived these devices.

Many times, since Palm Pilots are fairly old technology, the batteries have completely died just like they eventually do in devices like your laptop. You will need to replace the battery in order to get your Palm Pilot to function again. You can find used batteries for cheap on sites like eBay. Just make sure it will work with your model before purchasing.

Simply unscrew the back of it and lift off the outer shell. The battery is easily accessed right there. You can unplug the battery from the device and replace the new one pretty simply. After recharging the device it will be in working condition again. Unfortunately this will cause you to lose all your data.