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Betrayal, BMW Moves Electric Mini Production Out of UK To China

Betrayal, BMW Moves Electric Mini Production Out of UK To China

By Chris Ward, Oct 18, 2022

BMW will relocate output of the electrical Mini hatch from the British isles to China in a transfer seen as a betrayal to United kingdom staff. It is also a grim reminder of the UK’s present economic crisis brought about by lots of headwinds. The major crosswinds are Brexit and political turmoil producing financial despair and bewilderment to any person seeking to use the UK’s established automotive know-how. On the other hand, with the change to electric automobiles, a fantastic changeover is taking place just before our extremely eyes. The Chinese electric powered automobile field is accelerating and out-developing the Uk at a speedy tempo. This is not about expertise transfer it is an awakening by the Chinese who are investing billions and yielding dividends as a outcome.

The result is the Chinese electric powered car marketplace is currently winning the race to the leading in phrases of technological development and getting to start with in retail. The United kingdom car field is witnessing the beginning of a gradual decrease and the start out of the electric vehicle-conclusion video game as BMW Mini heads off to China, the land of the location solar and seemingly limitless growing financial prospects.

BMW Mini will companion with China’s Terrific Wall Motors to build electrical versions of the Mini Hatch starting up in 2023. A small SUV will follow. BMW Mini creation in Oxford will make convertibles from 2025 as a consolation prize. BMW cited production inefficiencies as the cause for switching manufacturing which is concealed code for “were shedding cash in the UK”.

BMW sooner or later options to return creation of the electric Mini again to the British isles, but declined to specify the timing. When it does, the Oxford creation line will be outfitted with tooling and manufacturing facilities designed by Excellent Wall Motors. And if these kinds of a situation does ever appear to pass, Uk car creation will come to be a vassal producing hub to the world’s automotive industry.


寶馬將把電動迷你艙門的生產從英國轉移到中國,此舉被視為對英國工人的背叛。這也嚴峻地提醒了英國當前由許多不利因素引起的經濟危機。主要的逆風是英國退歐和政治動盪,這對任何尋求利用英國成熟的汽車專業知識的人造成經濟絕望和困惑。然而,隨著轉向電動汽車,一個巨大的轉變正在我們眼前發生。中國電動汽車產業正在加速發展,並以極快的速度超越英國。這與知識轉移無關,而是中國投資數十億並因此獲得紅利的覺醒。 結果是,中國電動汽車行業已經在技術進步和零售第一方面贏得了競爭。英國汽車業正在見證緩慢衰退的開始和電動汽車終端遊戲的開始,因為寶馬 Mini 前往中國,這片落日之地和看似無窮無盡的新興經濟機會。

BMW Mini 將與中國長城汽車合作,從 2023 年開始生產 Mini Hatch 的電動版。隨後將推出一款小型 SUV。牛津的 BMW Mini 生產將從 2025 年開始生產敞篷車作為安慰獎。寶馬將生產效率低下作為轉換生產的原因,這是“在英國虧損”的隱藏代碼。

寶馬最終計劃將電動 Mini 的生產返回英國,但拒絕透露具體時間。屆時,牛津生產線將配備長城汽車開發的工具和生產設施。如果這種情況真的發生,英國汽車生產將成為世界汽車工業的附屬製造中心。

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