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The Aston Martin DB1 Athletics Car

The Aston Martin DB1 Athletics Car

The Aston Martin DB1 – A shut appear at this sports auto which include effectiveness, technical info, attributes, evaluating rivals, heritage, applied charges

from Typical to Modern-day

THE Vehicle

The to start with athletics car or truck from Aston Martin appeared in 1914.

In 1939, the Aston Martin Atom, a two door, four seater coupe was introduced, driven by a 2 litre, four cylinder, SOHC motor, with two Zenith carburettors.

In the early 1940’s, this device was changed by a 2 litre, four cylinder, OHV motor, with two SU carburettors, and a compression ratio of 7.25:1.

Joined to a 4 speed semi-automatic gearbox, this produced 90 bhp at 4750 rpm.

There was impartial entrance suspension, and leaf springs at the rear employing Armstrong hydraulic shock absorbers. Generation of the Atom finished in 1944.

In 1947, it was decided to layout a new automobile but, by that time, the company was in financial problem, and necessary a dollars injection.

History has it that when the industrialist David Brown drove the Atom in 1947, he was so amazed that he bought the Aston Martin firm, possessing currently acquired the Lagonda corporation.

Making use of the Atom as a foundation, David Brown felt that a convertible or fall head coupe variant, with extensive sweeping human body styling, would be the most appropriate structure for the manufacturing of the new car.

To face up to the more stresses encountered by eliminating the roof part, the chassis would demand further strengthening.

Even although larger sized, choice, 6 cylinder twin cam engines were being available from Lagonda, it was determined to keep the identical 2 litre device, as applied in the Atom, and equipped with a David Brown 4 speed, all-synchromesh, guide gearbox.

It had a steel human body, with a remarkably distinct a few aspect grille, on a metal chassis, with a kerb pounds of 1140 kg.

It employed Girling 12 inch hydraulic drum brakes all spherical on 16 inch rims, with worm and roller steering.

An intriguing design attribute was the existence of a compartment in one particular of the front wings in buy to retail outlet the spare wheel.

The new athletics car or truck was designated the Two Litre Sports, and released at the 1948 London Motor Show, when output would proceed until finally the introduction of the DB2 in 1950, at which point the automobile would receive the different name of Aston Martin DB1.

Regrettably, the existence of a weighty two seater, drophead-styled human body, and an motor with only modest output, created for a motor vehicle that was underpowered, which was reflected in the truth that only 13 units of the DB1 have been designed.

In addition, the chassis was only suitable for a restricted production operate, which intended that the car was high-priced to develop, and for this reason not a worthwhile venture.


Prior to the start of the DB1 sporting activities vehicle, it was made the decision that, as a indicates of extensively testing the chassis and motor, the auto would be entered in the 1948 Belgian Spa 24 Hour race.

The existing entire body was changed by a exclusive variation primarily based on a small two seater convertible.

As a end result, the car or truck received the race outright, and was duly selected the Spa car.

Just after the race, this car was rebuilt, and displayed together with the DB1 at the 1948 London Motor Show.

Having said that, this solitary Spa Replica, as it was recognised, unsuccessful to develop adequate interest to warrant real production, and was subsequently exhibited at the Dutch Motor Museum.


The marketplace in which the Aston Martin was pitched integrated the next sports automobiles: Triumph 2000, Cisitalia 202 SMM Spider Nuvolari, Bristol 401, and Maserati A6.

This concludes my Aston Martin DB1 Sporting activities Motor vehicle Overview.