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Aviator Scarf – Wear it Properly

Aviator Scarf – Wear it Properly

The aviator scarf has been around for a large chunk of history. They were originally made out of wool on one side and then silk on the other. They get their name from the pilots who used to wear them out of the need for protection. It definitely did not start out as a fashion trend.

This type of scarf is usually cut at a length of six feet long with a width of 10 inches. They were used to prevent chafing at the pilot’s neck caused by the leather flight suit. They were long because the ends were used to clean the goggles. Oil can sometimes spill from the engine and block the view of the pilot.

It was only after several years that the general populace saw the fashion potential of the aviator scarf and both men and women began to wear them. Today, the aviator scarf is made out of silk to keep the wearer comfortable. Gone are the days when only pilots wear them.

Since very few people actually fly rotary engine type planes, this particular kind of scarf actually transitioned as a trend rather than a part of a pilot’s gear. As such, the length has become more varied and can be shortened to fit smaller sized individuals.

Recent designs have taken this fashion development into consideration and made aesthetic improvements. Instead of one side being made out of wool, both sides are now made out of silk fabric stitched together. Although it is no longer as warm as before, it does make up for it by high style. An advantage of this is that the scarf need not be reserved for the winter season. It can be used anytime and for any occasion.

It used to be that the aviator scarf is made out of white. However, this garment has transitioned to suit the tastes and preferences of the market. Just like other products, it comes in a variety of colors and designs.

Although the solid white is still quite popular, the aviator scarf can be purchased in black or brown or even with subtle prints. The availability of other colors makes it easy to match the scarf with a range of outfits. The different colors also make it easier for both men and women to wear these scarves.

In order to properly make use of the scarf, it should be draped around the neck the same way a necklace would be. The ends can be left hanging in front or looped around the neck the way other scarves are. Some choose an in-between style and loop one end around the neck while the other end is left dangling in front.

For women, they can add a more feminine touch to the scarf by embellishing it with a brooch or pin. Although this would have been unheard of, and even dangerous, when the scarf was used by pilots, it is quite acceptable now that the scarf is used as a fashion accessory more than anything else.

History has been kind to this particular kind of scarf. It has been around for several generations and retained its status among the fashionable. It is the perfect for both men and women because it is both elegant and masculine at the same time.

Another advantage of the scarf is that it is thin enough to be stashed in a bag or pocket ready to be taken out and used as soon as the need arises. The scarf can be used as an alternative to the necktie or even a shawl for special occasions because it can certainly make a statement.