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5 Facts About The BMW M4 GT4 Racecar

5 Facts About The BMW M4 GT4 Racecar

BMW pulled the wraps of its latest factory built racecar: the BMW M4 GT4 ahead of the SRO race weekend at the VIRginia International Raceway (USA). This is the latest-generation racer that will compete in various GT4 series around the world.

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“We took on the challenge to develop a successor to the highly successful first-generation BMW M4 GT4”, said Franciscus van Meel, CEO of BMW M. “Using a wide range of customer feedback, our experienced development team and the new sixth-generation BMW M4 based production car has led to a faster, even more reliable and very emotional all new BMW M4 GT4.”

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Here are 5 Facts About the BMW M4 GT4 racecar that you may not know

1) Road-car engine

The BMW M4 GT4 uses the same engine as found in the road car. Up to 405 kW/650 N.m can be developed by the inline-six is twin-turbocharged. Peak outputs are based on a Balance of Performance formula that aims to create parity between cars with different powertrains. 

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2) Still RWD

Power from the front-mounted engine is still sent to the rear wheels, however, the eight-speed torque converter automatic has been replaced by a seven-speed transmission. This ZF unit directs torque to a Drexler limited slip differential. 

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3) Aircon and Traction Control

GT4 cars are usually raced by gentleman racers, ie not pro drivers. As a result air-conditioning is in place to ensure comfort of the driver. Interestingly, traction control is also retained. Drivers can set the system through ten steps depending on weather conditions and tyre life.

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4) Gaming Steering

BMW designed the steering wheel in collaboration with Fanatec. As many may know, sim-racing has become a recognised sport in its own right and companies, such as Fanatec, are bridging the divide between the real and virtual worlds.

5) Completely Adjustable Suspension

The BMW M4 GT4 has a fully adjustable suspension. The GT4 also has two-way adjustable dampers and three different spring rates. Five-level adjustable motorsport anti-roll bars front and rear work in conjunction with the springs and dampers. Furthermore, teams can also set front and rear camber using shims.