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2021 Acura TLX A-Spec Long-Term Wrap-Up

2021 Acura TLX A-Spec Long-Term Wrap-Up

Been pondering what at any time transpired to our prolonged-term 2021 Acura TLX A-Spec exam car? Marvel no far more, for we have responses to share with you in our very long-time period wrap-up.

Last we updated you on our dazzling Apex Blue sport sedan, it was experiencing electrical gremlins aplenty. We weathered odd problems — random shifts into Park whilst stopped, infotainment glitching — the automobile just resolved to not start out 1 day. This led to it staying flat-bedded to the Acura supplier in which it stayed for an abnormally extensive time. It was just more than two months to be specific. The challenges ended up ultimately decided to be from drinking water intrusion to the fuse box, and some of the wait was for pieces that had come to be corroded because of to h2o becoming the place it unquestionably should not be.

Of course, our initially dilemma was, how did h2o get into the fuse box? Acura didn’t have an clear remedy for us at initially, but don’t worry, we sooner or later got one particular.

2021 Acura TLX A-Spec Long-Term Wrap-Up

So, when the areas had been in and set up, Acura gave the auto a thoroughly clean bill of well being, and we took it back again with only a month left in our calendar year-very long personal loan term. Regretably, our TLX would not make it that prolonged. Editor-in-Main Greg Migliore took the TLX for this remaining stint. Two months of regular driving went by with out any concern, but then the electrical gremlins returned. One afternoon he went out to the car and the sprint lit up like a Xmas tree, sending the automobile into what Migliore mentioned felt like a limp manner. The motor vehicle technically ran, but it was not drivable.

This intended yet one more excursion on the flatbed to the Acura dealer for yet another diagnosis. The times came and went, and eventually our authentic yr-prolonged financial loan time period with the TLX expired. Approximately a month soon after this, Acura lastly had responses for what had befallen our very poor TLX. 

Why so long, you request? Acura basically called in engineers to test and sort out what had happened with this particular car. The respond to? Drinking water in the fuse box, at the time once again. Apparently, the water intrusion challenge from prior to hadn’t been totally solved for the reason that the original source of leakage wasn’t discovered in the 1st go-round, and drinking water was nonetheless earning its way into the fuse box. Acura tells us that striving to obtain the source of the intrusion is pretty tough, and which is why it took the seller and engineers so long to diagnose and form out.

Finally, the leak was decided to be through the A-pillar of the vehicle because of to a “manufacturing anomaly.” Engineers observed condensation within the A-pillar wherever it should not be, and they observed that h2o traveled down the A-pillar by means of a wire into the fuse box space, where it then penetrated the fuse box. For individuals pondering, the TLX’s fuse box is located in a typical place, less than the dash, north of the lifeless pedal. Of program, h2o and sensitive electronics do not mix very well collectively, and it clarifies all of the random electric powered challenges our automobile had above its time with us.

Regretably, by the time Acura sorted out the root of the concern, our initially scheduled time with the TLX experienced expired. And, no surprises in this article, but Acura did not extend our loan and deliver the automobile again to us. After it was flat-bedded to the dealer that last time, we did not see it once more. Honestly, we’re not fully shocked by that, both. Even after Acura thought it experienced been fastened after, the dilemma was most definitely not fixed.

As it stands now, we can simply just notify you what occurred and what Acura noted again to us. That includes the company’s engineers confirming to us that the drinking water leak we expert was “not a common concern.” In addition, they consider that there are no other TLXs out there like ours with the exact same difficulty. Though we really do not have the ears of all new TLX proprietors, we’ve searched the world-wide-web superior and much for individuals reporting comparable issues on message boards, Fb groups and in other places, and we could not come across anybody with the very same problem. Naturally, even a single proprietor obtaining the working experience that we experienced with a manufacturer-new automobile is not very good. And assuming our car is an anomaly, what luck for Acura that the just one vehicle with this difficulty just happens to be one it loaned out to media, inherently amplifying the challenge.

Transferring over and above the Problem

Yeah, we all have a minimal bit of a bitter taste in our mouth about this a single, but when it was working, we adored the TLX. It obtained universal appreciate from the personnel on its handling and driving dynamics. The 2.-liter turbocharged four-cylinder grew on us through our time with it. The closing general fuel financial system ordinary was 23 mpg right after about 9,000 miles of driving, which is only 1 mpg off the 24-mpg combined EPA determine. And even though the 10-velocity computerized wasn’t everybody’s cup of tea, it way too was nicely received.

Acura’s new style proceeds to search striking and eye-catching perfectly over a year considering that the car debuted, and the inside punches properly above its value in both equally luxurious and tech. Some of us have developed to love Acura’s TrueTouch infotainment technique, even though some others have … ongoing to dislike it. This is a single you must check out ahead of you purchase, for it’s one particular of the most divisive factors about this automobile.

It’s a shame that our time with the TLX A-Spec had to finish this way, and we genuinely hope that no person else has to offer with similar troubles. However remember to allow us know if you did. At the extremely the very least, know that Acura engineers at the optimum level are now at least knowledgeable of the probability and have taken steps to assure it in no way occurs again.

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