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The Original OneLogFire – Handmade in Minnesota

The Original OneLogFire – Handmade in Minnesota

This is the First OneLogFire, every is made by hand in Minnesota to a layout perfected by the Scandinavians a lot of hundreds of years in the past.

The enduring results of the just one log fire notion is mostly down to its simplicity. You get a solitary log and bore a gap down the centre practically to the base, but not all the way through. Then you bore a gap reduced down in the side to intersect with the major central hole.

There are a amount of unique names for this exact same concept and a few variations on the design and style. They can be called just one log fires, Swedish torches, or picket rocket stoves, and over in Europe in which they have been originally invented there are a lot more names nonetheless.

Original OneLogFire 1

Image DescriptionEach OneLogFire is fitted with a pure firestarter, so all you have to do is ignite it via the gap in the aspect – it will then burn for at minimum two hrs and more wooden can be extra later if you want the fireplace to continue for a longer period.

A organic firelighter is positioned inside just about every OneLogFire, it is lit by the aspect gap which also acts as a clean air inlet, and you have a self-sustaining fireplace that lasts for at the very least two hrs. If you want to hold it going following that you simply just incorporate much more wooden that you have picked up from all-around your campsite.

Due to the tiny size and small footprint of the OneLogFire it can be ideal for use in ecologically delicate regions, it is also perfectly suited to cooking over.

Of program, you can also make your have Scandinavian fire logs, you just need to have to provide an axe, chainsaw, or handsaw with you and a hand drill with a bit major adequate for the holes you will need to make.

Above Video: This episode of Corporal’s Corner exhibits you how to make a a person log hearth by hand when you are out in the wilderness, and how to cook on it.

The corporation OneLogFire has been producing these Swedish torches for in excess of 14 several years and counting. The design we have pictured here in this post exhibits the $22 USD design that steps in at 6” in diameter by 8” in top and it weighs less than two pounds.

Several people get these a couple at a time as they make setting up your campfire a breeze, you can prepare dinner more than them by putting a pan straight on major of the log which implies you really don’t always require to carry a cooking grate.

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Original OneLogFire