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The INEOS Fake Land Rover Vanity Project Gets A Price Tag

The INEOS Fake Land Rover Vanity Project Gets A Price Tag

By Chris Ward, May 2, 2022

For a British motoring journalist, the INEOS Phony Land Rover is a excellent bit of British owned, overseas designed engineering. Ra-ra-ra-, flag-flag-flag, wave-wave-wave. In truth, the INEOS Faux Land Rover is a despicable act of copyright infringement. It is a hideous copy-paste vanity challenge paid out for by an out-of-contact billionaire who hires grammatically perfect mercenaries to manufacture consent. These mercenaries are the greatest motoring journalists in the small business and their bullets are served as word salads. They rapid-hearth rounds of phrases in a hail of sentences to assure the out-of-touch billionaire that he isn’t out of touch with actuality. The he, the him, the billionaire is Sir Jim Ratcliffe. Ratcliffe’s journey to copy/paste resurrection was sparked when Land Rover ended production of the legendary Defender to make way for the next era. He could not picture a earth without a Defender. So rather of shopping for a employed vehicle, he resolved to make a Defender in his eyesight.

The trouble is Ratcliffe’s eyesight appears 99.5 per cent equivalent to the prior technology Defender. How do you tell an out-of-contact billionaire that his faux Land Rover Defender appears to be like like a Defender? You really don’t say a term. You enable the assumed Law enforcement guard your language and enable the out-of-contact billionaire room to think he is the progenitor of originality. The subsequent phase is making an attempt to market this narrative to the general public, who in the mind’s eye of the billionaire and hacks, are no extra than practical idiots.

The next stage is to enlist the very best of the ideal motoring journalists to offer a blatant, in-your-facial area lie. They, the motoring hacks, say the INEOS Pretend Land Rover is a tribute to the Defender. They, the motoring journalists, are production consent. Only the incredibly best journalists, the most bold, the most sociopathic are in a position to take on this activity of engaging in a misinformation marketing campaign. The latter is why motoring journalism is useless mainly because the greatest are slowly and gradually killing it.

The INEOS Pretend Land Rover now has a selling price tag, it will cost you £50,000 GBP. The latter is not fake news, it’s for genuine. Welcome to the reality of the INEOS Phony Land Rover, the automotive equal of a Bee Gees tribute act.

The INEOS Fake Land Rover Vanity Project Gets A Price Tag