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Making a Delicious St Clements Drink

Making a Delicious St Clements Drink

Make the basic St Clements Drink

Half a cup of lemon juice freshly squeezed

Half a cup of Orange juice – from the shops is fine

Five or Six cups of water

Three quarters of a cup of sugar


The key to this recipe is making a syrup.

Take 1 cup of water, and the sugar, and mix together in a saucepan. Cook over a low heat, melting the sugar into the water, and stirring occasionally. When it looks like the sugar has all melted, touch the bottom of the pan with a spoon. Well, if it worked properly, it should not feel grainy on the bottom.

Once you have the syrup you are nearly all there. Take it off the heat, and quickly put in a cup of water, to cool it down so that when you add the fruit juices it doesn’t kill the vitamin C.

Then quickly add the fruit juices, and the rest of the water. Stir it it.

Making it into a sparking St Clements drink

It is simple to make this into a sparking St Clements drink. All you need to do is replace 4 of the cups of water with soda water. You don’t really want to cook soda water, due to health concerns, so you make the syrup with normal water.

Cool the syrup for five minutes in a fridge, and then add the rest of the soda water and lemon juice.

Making it St Clements with a twist.

Take one cup of water out of the ingredients, and make it into ice cubes. Crush the ice in a blender. This will make a delightfully slushy drink. I think this works extra well if you use the sparkling ice St Clements recipe.

An extra presentational angle is to serve it in a frozen glass. To make a frozen glass, damp it in water under the tap, and put it in the freezer until the water freezes. The glass will often gain a pattern that makes it look really amazing. You can put a slice of lemon or orange on the edge of the glass.

When you are ready to serve, mix the crushed ice into the St Clements drink, pour it into the frozen glass, and immediately give it to your guests. Even the traditional recipe will give your guests a real treat, but the St Clements with a twist recipe is delightful.