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Kid Molester Automobile Monitoring

We look to have an challenge with repeat offenders in kid molestation scenarios. Even more problematic is that these ill minded folks typically will commit their crime and then eliminate the victim to protect against potential identification. There are just way too lots of of these situations in the news recently. I propose a new technology to be employed in surveillance RFID Tracking of the convicted felon’s motor vehicle. If the automobile goes by a faculty it will be registered. If the car stays far too near to a university or playground the place young ones recurrent it will notify a central procedure which will track and notify law enforcement. I have appear to this summary soon after considerably assessment and imagined. Numerous say we should really place a bullet in their heads and/or in no way let them out of prison? These kinds of logic appears to be like a excellent remedy, even though at the time a particular person has served their time they should be ready to re-enter society. The issue is culture has determined by means of trial and mistake that repeat offender threat is just way too wonderful as they protest in front of the houses or flats of former sexual intercourse offenders.

We do not have the assets to continuously view these people. Surveillance experts all know that all those they are seeing are typically quite cell going from position to position typically. The FBI and CIA know that to continue to keep a very careful eye on these individuals is difficult, time consuming and really pricey from a logistical standpoint. A male on person protection is usually used as a technique significantly like a basketball protection tactic be expecting in this scenario the surveillance crew turns into the qualifications of the goal. A further way to set up a protection program is by means of monitoring every and just about every concentrate on with in a bigger grid structure grid defense. This gets to be problematic when the hand off a surveillance focus on crosses territorial boundaries or for the duration of transition the target does some thing unexpected. But even if we were to do this to little one molesters, we simply can not pay for it. There are virtually as numerous people today on the sex offender World wide web lists, as there are Lawyers in our nation. We just cannot check out every person, the prices to the taxpayer and manpower desired is logistically unachievable or is it? I think via more recent systems we can have our cake and consume it as well.

With additional and much more folks currently being set onto watch lists by paranoid federal government bureaucrats and a lot more and much more people applying the governing administration to attack their enemies by putting them on watch lists, the prices are turning out to be very substantial. This usually means spending budget boosts of taxpayer’s monies, which is an concern owing to federal government borrowing. As the Department of Homeland protection has observed, it is virtually not possible to hold an eye on every new attainable in state insurgent in the United States and all those who are in arranged criminal offense these types of as gangs, radical groups or even potential connections to Worldwide Terrorists. Most citizens are a lot more concerned about little one molesters than they are Intercontinental Terrorists in their local community. In actuality they should really be additional concerned with receiving environmental most cancers or dying in a vehicle incident in the United States. But the people and citizens of our nation want to be protected and the FBI and regulation enforcement professionals have their hands total by now.

I suggest a new invention. A passive RFID Tag, which connects to the electrical process of a car. Right here is how it should really perform. 1st the antenna of the RFID tag would be designed of a remarkably conductive materials and would have razor sharp internal angles. Below is a picture of an RFID Tag

Figure Variety 1:


Determine Number Two:


The tags would be hooked up underneath the vehicle to exposed wires, which would give them electrical power when needed. The passive tags would merely ride on the wires right up until they handed a sensor. The sensors visitors would be put inside of the road indication poles out of site and have a little piece of tape on the exterior of the sign which would be a cell mobile phone antenna. The street indicator by itself would be the RFID receiver antenna, which would be positioned in the outer border glow in the dark strip about the street sign.

In determine a single the RFID Tag antenna would be placed along the wire and hooked up by splicing the wire in two factors together the duration of the antenna. In determine two the antenna would be positioned possibly inside of of a frame rail and wedged in opposition to an automotive electrical wire and splice it at a person point in which the RFID Tag pierces the polymer insulation on the wire. Each individual time a goal handed by such a street indication the tag would be inform the heart for FBI Surveillance.

By utilizing this system we could lessen the range of FBI brokers on the payroll and lessen the taxpayers price for surveillance groups by turning to some outdated trend grid defense surveillance. For the duration of the cold war the FBI had put transponder models in the dash boards of the Russian Diplomatic Vehicles which would beep and detect the motor vehicle each time it crossed a bridge out of Washington DC. These types of a plan is not without having some record, but with the new know-how and passive RFID Tags no 1 would know that their auto was remaining viewed. The superior aspect is that a helicopter, specially equipped police car, truck end, cargo container crane, relaxation cease, overpass or border crossing could simply be outfitted with the similar receiver system and would promptly decide up the gamma goal and alert Central Command.

I believe that that it is attainable to keep track of practically all suspected International Terrorists without the need of excessive charge to the taxpayer or faults through hand offs from MI 6, Scotland Yards, FBI, CIA or other worldwide anti-terrorist surveillance teams. Incorporating the latest and newest and minimum high-priced technological innovation to our arsenal will conserve thousands and thousands of dollars of taxpayer’s dollars and lots of life. And tracking boy or girl molesters who typically continue to be regional employing the exact same prepare of grid protection ought to be rather straightforward. If we use the R and D funding for Section of Homeland Safety and DARPA to fund this for International Terrorism when the procedure is in place we can observe the baby molesters with relieve. Feel on this Do you want to safeguard your Little ones?