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Is the Future Rosy for Lithium Ion Batteries?

Is the Future Rosy for Lithium Ion Batteries?

Lithium ion batteries have been in the information more than the final number of months with affirmation that sizeable development has been designed in extending their charge ability and their affiliation with electric powered autos grows at any time closer. Pike Investigate, one particular of the additional renowned analysis teams in the field of new power, has currently released a report which indicates that lithium ion sales will enhance dramatically more than the future eight a long time.

What are the predicted revenue figures for lithium ion batteries?

The investigate observe suggests that product sales of $1.6 billion in 2012 will mushroom to nearly $22 billion in 2020 as electrical technologies and in specific light-weight responsibility motor vehicles turn out to be ever additional well-known. This is an space of know-how which has attracted more than its truthful share of notice over the last number of months amid signals that not only battery manufacturers but also electric motor vehicle suppliers are willing and in a position to make investments hundreds of tens of millions of dollars into this distinct technology.

Why the unexpected jump?

Even however product sales of electric powered vehicles had been considerably disappointing in the course of 2012, with numerous suggesting the throughout the world overall economy was to blame, there is hope that 2013 will provide in a new era with new technological know-how relating to battery ability. Also substantially investment has previously been made in the electrical automobile sector and lithium ion battery sector to transform again now and govt policies are now really significantly aimed at lowering harm to the ecosystem though at the identical time introducing extra efficient kinds of transport.

Lithium ion batteries have become the energy supply of decision amongst the electric vehicle business and this would seem set to go on for the foreseeable foreseeable future.

What does this imply for the EV market place?

1 of the clouds that go on to cling above the electric powered car market is the actuality that journey ability and battery capacity are nowhere around that of the common fuel run vehicles. Originally billions of bucks was invested into electric powered automobile manufacturing though in some methods leaving powering the technology related with battery power. This has reversed somewhat over the very last number of months amid indications that great progress has been created and the lithium ion batteries set to be launched in 2013 and further than will enormously enrich journey capability and battery capability.

Many governments all-around the entire world have presently earmarked hundreds of hundreds of thousands of pounds in point out support which they will place towards the electrical motor vehicle market place and the lithium ion battery sector. This has been properly been given by the sector and individuals will also turn out to be more mindful of the improved general performance and journey capability.

Lowering the cost of electric autos

As the price of electric autos arrives down, as it inevitably will as technologies increases and mass-market place attractiveness is realized, this will improve revenue of electrical vehicles which will definitely maximize sales of lithium ion batteries. This course of action has currently started though the circumstance is considerably clouded by different governing administration subsidies and incentives readily available right now. As very long as the ongoing trend in the charge of EVs proceeds to shift downwards then we will see higher choose-up of the motor vehicles them selves.


In a lot of approaches the lithium ion battery industry was left behind by the EV makers who decided to concentrate wholly on EV technological know-how. Many now look to have admitted this fault and significant expenditure funding has been switched from electrical autos on their own in the direction of battery power and in specific lithium ion batteries. This bodes very properly for not only the electric motor vehicle sector alone but also the lithium ion battery current market which is set to increase noticeably during the upcoming 8 a long time or so.