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How much is a Tesla? Prices for Model 3, Model Y, and more

How much is a Tesla? Prices for Model 3, Model Y, and more

You’ve read about all the improvements to emerge both inside and out each current Tesla model as well as the new versions to come in the future, and maybe you’re more than a little bit tempted. Next, reality sets in, and that age old question rears its head: “how much?” No need to click through several variations of each model on Tesla’s website, it’s all been compiled for you here.

How much is a Tesla?

The information below offers the lowest and highest price version of each trim of every 2022 Tesla model to give you the full spectrum of how little… or how much… you’ll have to spend.

Note that these prices are accurate as of publish date, but we’ll keep them updated. Bear with us as Tesla seems to change its prices often. Furthermore, all prices listed do not include the additional $1,200 destination and doc fees, or federal or state tax credits.

Tesla Model 3 – The cheapest Tesla available

Despite its role as the most affordable Tesla, the Model 3 has seen some large price hikes in 2022. Its Standard Range RWD trim starts at a purchase price of $48,490 with zero upgrades, and can go as high as $63,490. The latter price includes every top feature available such as red paint, 19″ sport wheels, and the ever-controversial full-self driving capability for $12,000.

The Long Range Model 3 starts at $57,490 and can reach a top end price of $72,490 fully loaded.

Lastly, the Performance version of the Model 3 starts at $62,990 and can go even higher to $77,990 with 20″ Überturbine wheels and all other added features. No matter which trim you choose, you also now have to pay for your mobile or wall charging connector.

Prices on the Model 3 continue to fluctuate every couple weeks, but you can save some cash by getting yourself a pre-owned Model 3.

How much is a Tesla? Prices for Model 3, Model Y, and more

Tesla Model Y price

As a much larger EV, Tesla’s Model Y currently comes in two different options, both of which are priced higher than the Model 3. For the prices below, you’ll see the bare bones option as well as the completely loaded option with add-ons like red paint, 20″ wheels, white interior, a tow hitch, and the $12k FSD capabilities – although choosing not to add FSD could affect your delivery date.

An important add-on to point out in all of these high end prices is the seven seat interior for the Model Y. For an extra $3,000, customers are able to select the third row option as they order their new EV.

Note: This option is currently only available on the Long Range trim.

The Model Y’s dual-motor AWD Long Range trim starts at a base price of $64,990 and can jump to $83,990 with all the fixins’. This higher price includes all the available features mentioned above.

The Model Y Performance drivetrain starts at $67,990 and increases to $83,990 when souped up (without the seven seats).

Recently, we covered news that Tesla is preparing to launch a new AWD of the Model Y with a puzzling 279 miles of range. However, we do not have any pricing on that version yet.

how much is a Tesla
A Model Y assembled at Giga Texas / Source: Tesla

Tesla Model S price

Here’s where things really start to increase quickly. Where the newer Teslas like the Model 3 and Model Y combine performance with value, the Model S instead dominates in nearly every category, but at a much higher price point.

For example, the Dual Motor Model S (the EV’s least expensive trim) begins at a price of $104,490 and can currently go as high as $120,990 including add-ons like 21″ Arachnid wheels and cream interior.

Hold onto something because it’s “Plaid” time. You may have already read about how impressive the Plaid Model S is, but the only thing larger than its list of top specs is its price tag.

The Tri Motor Model S Plaid starts out at a cool $140,490 with zero upgrades, not even an exterior color. All in, you’re looking at purchase price of $156,990.

how much is a tesla

Tesla Model X price

Pound for pound, Tesla’s refreshed Model X SUV is the automaker’s largest and most expensive EV, with AWD dual and tri motor drivetrains to choose from.

The Model X Dual Motor will cost you $120,490 at the bare minimum. It then vaults up to $143,490 with added bonuses like 22″ Turbine wheels, cream interior, and a $6,500 up-charge for a six seat interior that includes captain’s chairs. If you prefer the seven-seat row, that will cost $3,000 less.

As for the new Plaid version of the Model X in lieu if the previous Performance trim, that starts at $144,490 and levels out at $160,990. The top end prices includes all the most expensive features.

Like the Model S, The Model X also saw an increase of $10k after the Plaid+ disappeared, and it has jumped another $5k since then. New customers for the Model X Plaid are not scheduled to receive their EV until fall, and Dual motor reservations holders who order today are looking at a delivery window between December 2022 and March 2023. Might be worth considering a pre-owned Model X if you’re truly thirsting for one,

This is more evidence that the demand for Tesla EVs is still growing, no matter how much they cost. The automaker remains the dominant name in the EV market.

how much is a Tesla

Pricing for theTesla Cybertruck

Since the Cybertruck has not rolled off the assembly line yet, the pricing is not as granular. Nevertheless, the public was briefly offered an idea of the starting price for each of the three drivetrains.

how much is a Tesla
A Cybertruck production prototype

Originally, the single-motor RWD Cybertruck was listed on Tesla’s website at a starting price of $49,900. The dual-motor AWD option was $59,900, and the tri-motor AWD was set at $79,900.

However, production has been delayed yet again, and although we’ve spotted some prototypes out driving around, we no longer have a grasp on what this EV behemoth will cost when it eventually arrives. Since last October, the pricing and specs of the Cybertruck are no longer listed on Tesla’s website.

The interest is still there however, since the last tally of reservations totaled over $80 billion (with a b) in value.

2nd Generation Tesla Roadster

The next iteration of the Roadster was unveiled by Tesla in 2017 as an updated homage to the EV that started it all. Originally scheduled to begin production in 2020, Tesla has continuously punted the SOP of the new Roadster to focus on its other EVs.

While we know very little about what the Cybertruck will truly be capable of, we know even less about the 2nd generation Roadster.

Per Tesla’s website, the new Roadster is still available for pre-order, and it only costs $200,000. Don’t worry though, you only have to pay a fraction of that to hold your spot in line… just $50,000.

If that’s not enough, Tesla is offering what it calls its “Founder’s Series Roadster” which appears to be a limited production run costing $250,000. This version required the full amount down within ten days of making the reservation, and has since sold out.

how much is a Tesla
Tesla’s new Roadster / Source: Tesla

What is the ‘price after potential savings’?

You may have noticed that the order page of any of Tesla’s current models lists both the “purchase price” as well as the “(price) after potential savings.” This pricing is referring to is the original purchase price minus the potential savings of driving an electric vehicle.

Tesla has compiled its own database of resources by state to help its customers calculate their potential savings before they even commit to buy. Additionally, you can tap or click the “customize” link on any Tesla model purchase page.

This multi-faceted tool helps estimate what a potential owner would spend on gas over a six year period, then subtracts it from the total. This gives prospective Tesla customers a bit of texture as to what sort of bucks they may be saving in the future by cutting the gasoline cable.

Any state without listed tax incentives may still offer benefits. You will just need to check the list on Tesla’s dedicated incentives page, showcasing federal and state benefits with greater detail.

It’s also important to note that all incentives mostly apply to purchases by cash or loan only. Incentives for customers leasing a Tesla are currently only available in California, Colorado, Massachusetts, New York and Tennessee.

Is it better to lease or buy?

You’ve done the research, customized your dream Tesla model, and have ballpark pricing after calculating gas savings and tax incentives in your state. Nice work.

Before you pull the trigger though, you might want to ask yourself if buying your Tesla or leasing it will be the better option. The answer varies by customer based off a multitude of different factors of which we compiled for you previously.


Picking up a Tesla isn’t going to be cheap no matter how you slice it, but there’s definitely a wide range of options available to you.

From the bottom-end Model 3 at around $49k to the top-end Model X Plaid reaching $161k at its most, there’s something in this lineup for most any prospective Tesla customer.

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