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Ford F-150 Lightning Reportedly Includes Free Tesla Charging Adapter

Ford F-150 Lightning Reportedly Includes Free Tesla Charging Adapter

As noted by the Lightning Entrepreneurs discussion board, much more Ford F-150 Lightning electrical pickup trucks are arriving in new owners’ driveways, and it is offering us an idea about which add-ons appear with the fully electric truck. Apparently, one particular accent will come as a surprise, and the forum is declaring it can be rumored to be incorporated to poke a little bit of fun at Tesla.

Folks have been raving about the Ford F-150 Lightning‘s means to ability a whole property when adequately geared up. The picture previously mentioned demonstrates that it can also cost other EVs, these types of as the Mustang Mach-E. As we’ve reported, the Lightning can even cost a Tesla auto, though you would will need the correct adapter. We shared a video from an operator of a Rivian R1T demonstrating a identical problem all through which he charged his Tesla with the electric pickup truck via an adapter.

At any level, a member of the Lightning Entrepreneurs discussion board stated that when he took supply of his F-150 Lightning, he found out an adapter that will allow for him to use the Lightning’s Pro Energy onboard generator process to cost a Tesla. He claimed he could in essence aid a stranded Tesla owner, if important.

Reportedly, the Tesla adapter wasn’t beforehand mentioned by Ford as a regular accent, and forum associates have been joking that they are joyful to know that they may well have the capacity to aid a rival in need.

The dialogue starter on the Lightning Homeowners forum reads:

“I took delivery of my 2022 Lightning and as I’m heading via the provided goods I discovered an adapter to charge Teslas. Interesting come across. If I come across any dead Teslas I’ll permit my Ford Lightning occur to the rescue.”

The 1st reply:

“Fascinating. You should put up photos of these adapters. I enjoy the thought of helping out stranded Teslas!”

If you had been imagining that perhaps this was a joke, or that by some means the adapter by itself may possibly not be distinct to only Tesla’s autos, verify out the images beneath:

At present, as numerous automakers are making EVs that are able of providing strength to your dwelling or another EV, Tesla’s motor vehicles usually are not still capable of these types of tasks. Given that Tesla also has an strength division and sells Powerwall home batteries, it might not be in a race to allow its motor vehicles to provide external electricity, since it could decrease Tesla Powerwall profits.

Ford is also banking on the point that a Tesla Powerwall is costly, and it only has a 13.5 kWh capability. Tesla proprietors wanting to backup their residences would have to obtain a Powerwall in addition to their high priced EV. Meanwhile, when thoroughly equipped, an F-150 Lightning is able of powering your home for times thanks to its battery ability of up to 131 kWh.

This matter certainly justifies some in-depth discussion. Head down to our comment segment and depart us your words of wisdom. Do you consider the facts shared by the discussion board member? If so, what’s your consider on Ford’s decision here? 

We have attained out to Ford for far more information. If we receive a reaction, we will provide an update.