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7 THINGS Not To Do After a Car Accident

7 THINGS Not To Do After a Car Accident

All of us are aware of the number of vehicle accidents that happen every day across the country. We see thousands of accidents being reported regularly and they could happen to you or your loved ones, at no fault of yours. It is stressful to get into a vehicle accident, especially if there is an injury. There could be physical, emotional and financial repercussions of an accident. The first few steps after the accident are necessary to ensure that you seek help right when you need to. As much as it is important to know what to do, it is equally important to know what you must not do if you ever meet with an accident. Here are some things you must keep in mind and avoid doing in case of a car accident.

1. Driving away

Woman driving away from car accident

It is a crime to leave the accident site after getting into a car crash. If you have been in an accident, it is important to stop and take a look at the situation you are in. Even if you think no one has been harmed, you need to take a moment and access the situation. If you fail to stop and leave the accident site, it will become punishable and you may have to pay for it.

2.  Not Collecting the information

If you , do not forget to gather the personal as well as insurance details of everyone that was a part of the accident. It includes the other pedestrians and drivers. You should have their name, phone number, address, vehicle registration number, details of the auto insurance company, and driver’s license number. A lot of people feel disoriented after a crash and it is very normal. But you will have to share information with the others involved. It will help file an insurance claim and it will also help seek compensation from the at-fault driver.  In case there are witnesses to an accident, you can exchange information with them.

3.  Not calling 911

Calling 911 for a Car Accident
emergency concept: girl using a digital generated phone with emergency call on the screen. All screen graphics are made up.

You must ensure your safety and of others who are in the accident. It is your topmost priority when you get into an accident. When you see anyone who is injured, immediately call 911. Even if you are not sure if they are injured or if the injury is not very serious, you need to call for medical attention immediately.

4.  Not informing the police

Whether the accident is minor or major, it is important to contact the local authorities to report the incident. It will ensure the safety of everyone involved in the accident. When you get a police officer at the scene to file the accident report, it can help gather their information and more details about the accident on the records. In the case of a severe accident, neglecting to inform the police can be punishable.

5.  Admitting fault

A lot of people who get into a car accident immediately apologize and accept some of their faults. It is a huge mistake and should be avoided at all costs. A declaration of a fault will be used against your insurance company or you. It will affect whether you receive compensation or not. Before you make any statement, you must contact an attorney who has expertise in handling car accident cases. They can assess the situation and guide you on the ways to prepare the statement based on your case.

6.  Speaking to the third party without the lawyer

Speak with your lawyer first and not to the other driver’s insurance company. An expert at County Line Chiropractic, an states that all insurance companies are not the same and they may not handle the case in good faith or with your best concerns. This is why you must speak to your lawyer first. He will create a statement for the third party’s insurance company or speak to them for you. This will help avoid any dispute and will protect your rights.

7.  Not reporting the accident to the insurance company

You must not forget about your auto insurance and it is one of the first people you must inform after the accident. Report the accident to the insurance company to enjoy maximum coverage. If you fail to do so, it will give the insurance company a legal ground to deny your claim. Do not indicate any acceptance of fault and be honest with what happened.

Keep these things in mind whenever you are driving and even if it is a minor accident, you should avoid doing these things to ensure maximum insurance coverage and protection. Do not drive away from the scene under any circumstances and inform the medical professionals, insurance company, and lawyer without any delay. If you take the right steps after an accident, you will increase the chances of receiving compensation.