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10 Secrets to Winning A lot more Greyhound Races

10 Secrets to Winning A lot more Greyhound Races

One particular: End Enjoying Every RACE!

It doesn’t make a difference what your ability level is. It does not issue what process you us. If you use software or if you scratch on the plan with a pencil, this piece of suggestions will right away enable you start out losing Significantly less and start out successful Extra!

When you perform each individual race your edge (or downside) alterations with just about every race. You are splitting your actively playing bankroll in between races that you may well have a significant benefit in with races that you could have ZERO benefit in. Cease!

Let us presume for illustration that you have a participating in spending plan of $100. On an average 15 race card that presents you $6.66 for every race. It’s my working experience that you will hardly ever be ready to get an benefit on far more than 2 or 3 races for each card. That’s my regular and I am Really Great at what I do. So let us think you have a close to ZERO opportunity on 12 of individuals races (it may be even a lot more but I am going to be generous in this instance and assume you have an edge in 3 races). So you have 3 races you have an really benefit in. These are races in which you have a great guide on a winner. And you also have great prospective clients on some secondary runners which will allow you to perform the exacta or trifecta for a affordable cost. Let us compare a probable consequence.

Estimated benefit 25%. This is a fictional benefit but I assume it is really reasonable and we need anything to perform with.

12 races performed at $6.66 for every race with NO gain usually means you eliminate $79.92

3 races performed at $6.66 totals $19.98 performed. With a 25% benefit means $4.99 gain.

+ 4.99
$24.97 winnings + initial guess

-$54.95 for a losing day

Now let us perform MY way. Choose your Finest 3 races and play them. It does not make any difference if you gain 1,2 or all 3 races. You know that you have a 25% gain on your best races if you ONLY participate in them

3 races played for a overall of $100.

25% advantage usually means $25 profit.

$125 for a profitable working day

As you can see… the math does not lie. Play Less RACES!!! Get More Revenue!!!


Do you have a strategy? A strategy centered on your bankroll, capability, targets? Even folks who enjoy on line casino online games exactly where the household Often wins can generally ‘stay in the game’ a quite lengthy time just by owning a system. In greyhound racing the residence isn’t going to always get. Players do. So getting a system will set you light decades in advance of the other players. What kinds of issues ought to be in your plan? Listed here are a handful of


How a great deal can you afford to enjoy for each thirty day period? Crack that down by 7 days, working day and race. Then stick with this plan. ONLY participate in that amount of money per race and do not modify. At the beginning of the up coming month if your bankroll has enhanced, then examine once again by thirty day period, week, working day, race and adhere to that system all over again.


Determine out what you do ideal. The adhere with it. Really don’t get truly great at exacta’s then suddenly choose to participate in a superfecta just one day. You have not verified your superfecta tactic nonetheless. Work on it. And in the suggest time hold actively playing what you know greatest.

The superior your system is, the far better your final results will be. Guaranteed.

Three: Participate in ON PAPER

I am a qualified. Playing greyhounds is what I do. I continue to enjoy on paper. I generally participate in trifecta’s but I am always hunting for approaches to increase my income. Currently I am looking into the profitability of playing exacta’s. So Even though I am playing with actual income to make my dwelling, I also preserve a running observe of exacta’s on paper. When and if I deem it financially rewarding I will commence actively playing for genuine revenue. They 1 thing I have realized above the several years… someone who does not have the self-control to play on paper, does not have the self-discipline to be a successful player. What variety of participant do you want to be?

4: ONLY Participate in RACES WITH Complete Data

So you appear throughout a race with a monster important dog. You truly want to enjoy a trifecta and pocket a ton of money!! There is just one issue in this race. It is a route race and 4 of the other greyhounds in this race have under no circumstances run the route distance. So you try out each individual way to can to figure out how these 4 greyhounds will operate in the race at this new distance. You make your participate in and your important wins by a mile! Wonderful! But you failed to have the trifecta. Not even near. Why? You performed a race that you failed to have ample information about to make a excellent selection. End Undertaking THIS!


Each individual time I convey to a player this they laugh at me. “If I understood who the winners had been likely to be without having any uncertainties I would be wealthy!” Definitely you won’t be able to know with 100% certainty a greyhound will acquire. But you CAN know if you have a likely winner. And you should play that winner.

Some players glance at a race and their logic goes anything like this…

IF the 1 breaks he could earn. IF the 8 gets to the rail he could gain. IF the 5 receives at the rear of the 1 prior to the turn he will go in the stretch and acquire. SO I should participate in a 185 on top with blah blah blah. THEY DON”T know what pet dog will earn in this scenario! They Must not be taking part in this race.

6: Preserve Data… Always

How a great deal funds did you get rid of playing greyhounds very last yr? How a great deal did you earn? You never know?


And just about every player who wins knows Particularly how a lot they received or misplaced previous 7 days, last thirty day period, last calendar year and 5 a long time ago.

Without the need of data you CAN NOT know if you are obtaining much better, even worse or the very same.

Doc every race you enjoy in a spreadsheet. Document how you performed it, for how a great deal and what the consequence was. Do this each individual time you participate in.

The ONLY way you will each and every know what functions for you and what isn’t going to do the job is by getting documents.

Hold Data!

7: Play Where YOU GET A REBATE

There are numerous locations to enjoy greyhounds on line. Some of them give you a rebate on every greenback you wager. Some of them do not. In point, the major on the web ADW web page will not give you everything for your company.

I get 14% of every single greenback I wager back! They deposit it instantly into my account the up coming day… each and every working day.

If I have a thirty day period where I have a 60% ROI on my wagers… it is really a 74% ROI simply because of the rebate.

If you are a split even player… you could really be a profitable player. Just by breaking even on your wagers, you could actually be making 14% on your motion. That is improved than any CD level you will get by putting your money in a financial institution.

Enjoy Exactly where YOU WILL GET A REBATE!

Eight: Will not CHASE LOSSES

So you misplaced all of your revenue by race 12. But if you deposit another $50 or go to the ATM at the observe and get a further $40, you could bet it on race 14 and Earn!

Completely wrong!

You misplaced now. You performed the races you had the finest advantage in for the reason that you experienced a approach (keep in mind tip #2?)

If you have a program and you go broke currently, stop. Your working day is around. The only matter you will do by chasing losses is dig a further hole to get out of. Maintain the hole shallow. That is your best shot to win.

9: End LYING TO On your own

Each individual gambler (which includes myself) has said this, “I arrived out about even.” When I 1st started off gambling it seems I broke even every week, just about every 12 months for about 5 decades. Truth is, when I glimpse back again and try out to add up my true outcomes I shed tens of countless numbers of dollars.

If you are a successful participant but you have a spouse that would not have an understanding of variance and swings then it could be Alright to tell him/her that you broke even just to retain the peace. But when you convince on your own that you are normally breaking even then you are dishonest you out of truth. This fact will push you to strengthen, master far more, review, check out more durable and become determined to gain.

I attribute my good results to practically nothing more than willpower. Above the yrs I have worked with a lot of people to aid them turn out to be winners. The primary detail they have to have to recognize is that you can’t turn into a winning participant in a 7 days. Sorry! It ain’t gonna materialize.

The “very best” of anything calls for operate. And starting to be a winning gambler needs considerably extra than most professions. Not only do you have to receive the skill essential to win, you have a host of psychological troubles to around arrive. Soon after just about two decades of being a successful player I continue to have to struggle the psychological element of the activity. Streaks transpire in both of those directions. Winning and getting rid of. I’m not some form of gambling god when I’m on an unreal winning streak and I’m not a shedding player on an extended getting rid of streak.

The matter that I am… often… is sincere with myself. I continue to keep records and evaluate my play. Am I the motive I am dropping a lot more than expectation or is this basic variation? These issues I must generally know as a player.

Be trustworthy with on your own about how very good you are playing. Attempt to strengthen.


A person of the biggest measures I took on my route to turning out to be a winning participant was acquiring to know somebody who already was a winner. LJ was his title. He taught me so a lot about the recreation. I will permanently keep in mind him. LJ went on to his reward in 2006 but the influence he produced on my everyday living is on heading.

If you go to the monitor, all people there is a winner. Just ask them. It is odd how everybody can acquire however when it is a zero sum game. In a mutual program like greyhound racing, someone need to shed for another person else to acquire. So I am not telling you to enjoy the flashy, loud mouth braggarts at the track for guidance. I am telling you to find an real successful player to aid mentor you. It will help you save you so considerably income, time and aggravation in the extensive run.

We aid men and women turn out to be winning players at Greyhound Monitor Recommendations. If I can aid you make sure you never be reluctant to request!