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10 Electric Vehicles Reddit Prefers Over Tesla

10 Electric Vehicles Reddit Prefers Over Tesla

According to The Guardian, a number of cities in the US are becoming unlivable due to the ongoing climate crisis producing a significant rise in temperature, demonstrating once again the need for action from both ruling bodies and citizens.

Electric cars are becoming increasingly accessible as a way to combat this, one of the most well-known brands being Elon Musk’s Tesla. However, although they may be the first to come to mind, there are others on the market. Redditors favor these models due to value for money, tech features, and luxury experience.


10 Audi e-tron

VW Production Line Audi E-Tron

Audi’s first fully electric SUV boasts 408ps, which uses two electric motors to achieve an impressive 0 to 62mph in 5.7 seconds. Its maximum range is 252 square miles and takes 52 minutes to charge. Consistent with Audi’s style is the sleek, classic design features which include a hexagonal grille frame and LED strip lights.

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Electric vehicle drivers who value comfort and a premium driving experience have rated the e-tron as a choice that surpasses the popular Tesla Models 3 and Y in luxury experience by far. Redditors feel that the only element of Tesla that certifies it as a car of similar standing is the price tag. According to letstalkaboutrocks the e-tron facilitates a fortnight of “round the town driving” on a full charge, and this Redditor was also impressed with the size of cargo and the quality of air suspension. This lush vehicle is a match for those who love luxury and stay relatively local.

9 Chevrolet Bolt

The Chevrolet Bolt sports one-pedal driving and has an estimate of 259 miles of coverage when fully charged. It has 200hp, seats 5, and uses wireless to record driving information in real-time. The vehicle features a Sport Mode in which it can go from 0 to 60mph in 6.5 seconds for a more exciting driving experience.

The main reason that users prefer this make of EV to Tesla models is the comfortable price tag. Redditor J3ST3Rx states that the Chevrolet Bolt is “the better buy right now” considering the affordability. Tesla’s Model Y starts at $57,990 with the Long Range version, yet the Bolt starts at $31,500, marketing itself as an affordable EV. Drivers on Reddit feel as though this car is better value for money and don’t feel that the extra $20,000 spent adds much to the experience with a Tesla Model Y.

8 Ford Mustang Mach-E

A man walking towards a yellow Ford Mustang Mach-E.

This all-electric SUV from Ford can cover 379 miles on a full charge, depending on driving conditions. It takes a speedy 73 minutes to charge up to the max and 3.7 seconds to achieve 60mph from 0mph and boasts some savvy tech features, including B&O sound. It also has a front trunk for that extra bit of cargo space.

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Whilst the price tag is very similar to that of a Tesla Y, some Redditors such as claythearc prefer this vehicle due to its inbuilt digital features such as “route planning with charging stops in Apple Maps & Built-in Nav, reasonable base range, wireless car play.” Users would prefer this over the faster charging option of the Tesla as it adds to the overall efficiency and usability of the vehicle.

7 Kia EV6

A white Kia EV6 parked.

The Kia EV6 is an electric crossover vehicle that can charge up to 80% full in just 18 minutes and can cover 328 miles on a full charge. Its starter model has a horsepower of 226 bhp and can accelerate to 62mph in 7.2 seconds. The design is sporty but functional and harbors an intelligent front lighting system that limits dazzle for other drivers on the road.

Reddit users lean towards this make of EV over Tesla as it works out cheaper due to the starting price of $41,000 and can be eligible for up to 10k of Federal Tax Incentives for which Kia is a registered brand, but Tesla is not, saving drivers a lot more on a vehicle that serves a very similar function. Whilst some have commented that the Tesla can cover longer distance journeys, users such as adannel prefer some tech features of this vehicle, such as camera placement, as “[…] having the turn signal cameras directly on the screen in front of you is a big improvement”.

6 Polestar 2

Polestar 2 Electric Car

This 5-door, fully electric liftback vehicle is made by Polestar, an off-shoot of Volvo. It’s capable of 297 miles distance on a full charge and reaches 60mph in 7 seconds. Pricing for this vehicle starts at around $51,642, placing it closer to the price bracket of a Tesla.

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Users find that this car overall delivers a very similar experience to that of Tesla and is preferable due to there being no price mark-up and the eligibility for Federal Tax Incentives. Comparable to the Tesla Model 3, Reddit users also value this car due to its smoother performance and interior design. Ok-Zookeepergame-698 states that “For the driving experience alone I’d pick (and have picked) the Polestar,” and GridironMode strongly prefers the aesthetic as “Polestar’s interior, whilst minimal, has more personality”.

5 Hyundai IONIQ5

Hyundai Ioniq 5

The Hyundai IONIQ5 is competitively priced, starting at around $43,933. It’s a cross between stylish and practical and comfortably seats 5. Its starter model, the 125kW SE Connect, presents 170bhp, 240 miles of driving, and reaches 62mph in 8.5 seconds.

Though it lacks some of the tech aspects of a Tesla EV, Redditors have found that the IONIQ5 fits the driver’s needs at a cheaper price point after the tax rebate. According to Daynebutter, there are many pros for the IONIQ5 that differ from that of the Model 3, including “more car for your money” and “2 years of free 30-minute charging,” which overall makes the IONIQ5 a better value. Not to mention that it “looks cool and unique.”

4 Lucid Air

Lucid Air official image

The Lucid Group Inc. is an American car company located in Newark, California that has made a big impact on the EV market among Redditors. The fully electric Lucid Air offers a driving range of an impressive 520 square miles, 1111bhp, and 2.5 seconds 0-60 acceleration time. Its retail price starts from $87,400.

The biggest selling point of this EV appears to be the generous amount of range that it can cover. Redditor JimDiego is suitably impressed with this and states that “Range anxiety is effectively over at that point.” It seems that despite the unusual price difference, Tesla usually being the more expensive EV, the Lucid Air is preferred largely for the distance it can cover, making it ideal for those who intend to go far.

3 GM (General Motors)

General Motors logo with electric charger

It seems that the auto manufacturer General Motors is rapidly developing the capacity for EVs. There will be several options for battery power and various configurations enabling vehicles to run between 235 and 1000hp. They are estimated to cover 300 square miles in distance.

Redditor CouncilmanRickPrime feels that this potential GM vehicle will be a worthwhile purchase as they are more likely to “make the investments to change direction if they’re proven wrong,” suggesting that flexibility and openness to customer feedback is something that drivers may value and aren’t as likely to experience with Tesla.

2 Mercedes EQS

Picture showing the Mercedes-Benz EQS

Another top competitor for Tesla is the Mercedes EQS. This opulent EV has an astounding range of 453 miles and runs at 329hp. Its pricing begins at around $123,279.

Redditors such as turbinedriven are more confident in the all-around quality of their products over Tesla, as they believe that Mercedes are more interested in producing a top-quality vehicle rather than just an impressive EV. They state that Mercedes will be able to bring a car that utilizes technology, drives well, and has a well-executed luxury interior, and overall “they know how to manufacture a complete and compelling vehicle.”

1 Volvo c40 Recharge

A blue Volvo c40 Recharge parked.

The C40 Recharge from Volvo is an electric SUV that has a power of 231hp and has a range of up to 271.5 miles. With DC 150kW fast charging, it can get between 10 and 80% full charge in just 28 minutes and 7 hours full with home charging.

Whilst this vehicle starts at $82,490, users have found that with the tax rebate, this vehicle is recommendable to those who can accept the limitations. For example, Redditor improvius states that “The Volvos are great if you don’t need the extra range of the Teslas” and suggests that they are a cheaper alternative due to the tax rebate that buyers can receive if charging more often is not an issue.

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